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Voxelotor Mechanism of Action Publications

GBT440 Reverses Sickling of Sickled Red Blood Cells Under Hypoxic Conditions In Vitro
Hematology Reports, Dufu K. and Oksenberg, D., May 2018

GBT440 Improves Red Blood Cell Deformability and Reduces Viscosity of Sickle Cell Blood Under Deoxygenated Conditions
Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, Dufu et al, April 2018

Voxelotor (GBT440), a First‐in‐Class Hemoglobin Oxygen‐affinity Modulator, Has Promising and Reassuring Preclinical and Clinical Data
American Journal of Hematology, Estepp, J., January 2018

Discovery of GBT440, an Orally Bioavailable R-State Stabilizer of Sickle Cell Hemoglobin
ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Metcalf et al, January 2017

GBT440 Inhibits Sickling of Sickle Cell Trait Blood Under In Vitro Conditions Mimicking Strenuous Exercise
Hematology Reports, Dufu et al, September 2016

GBT440, a Novel Sickle Haemoglobin Polymerisation Inhibitor, Increases Haemoglobin Oxygen Affinity and Results in a Rapid Improvement in Haemolysis and Anaemia
European Medical Journal, Telfer et al, July 2016

GBT440 Increases Haemoglobin Oxygen Affinity, Reduces Sickling and Prolongs RBC Half‐Life in a Murine Model of Sickle Cell Disease
British Journal of Haematology, Oksenberg et al, July 2016