The GBT Foundation

Building on Global Blood Therapeutics’ (GBT) corporate giving commitment, The GBT Foundation is a community-focused, charitable entity that seeks to improve the health and well-being of underserved patient communities around the world, particularly for people living with sickle cell disease (SCD).

Founded in 2021, The GBT Foundation is a separate legal entity from GBT, Inc. The GBT Foundation is primarily funded by GBT, Inc., and is committed to giving back to the communities we serve through funding and collaboration.

Areas of Giving

The GBT Foundation is focused on advancing health equity through education, empowerment, and innovation for people living with serious blood disorders, starting with SCD.

The GBT Foundation seeks to advance programs that address our key focus areas:

  • Increasing education and awareness for communities impacted by SCD to build knowledge of the devastating physical, social, mental and societal effects of this genetic blood disorder.
  • Empowering people with SCD, caregivers and others in the SCD community to help improve the lives and care of the community.
  • Improving access to healthcare to ensure those living with SCD receive the high-quality health services they need and deserve.
  • Enhancing health equity through innovative and sustainable solutions that help vulnerable communities have the chance to reach their full health potential without social obstacles.

The GBT Foundation Grants

The GBT Foundation partners with nonprofit organizations to support programs around the world that have the potential to create meaningful and sustainable change.

  • Ongoing Grants — The GBT Foundation invites nonprofit organizations to apply for funding for ongoing programs and initiatives that are dedicated to advancing health equity, enhancing education, empowerment, and access to care for people living with SCD. Applications are evaluated on several factors, but it is most important for applications to demonstrate their potential to advance The GBT Foundation’s mission via the work or services to be performed by a grant recipient. Nonprofit organizations around the world dedicated to SCD are eligible to apply. Applications are open on an ongoing basis.

  • ACE: Access to Care Empowerment for Sickle Cell Grants — Created in 2022, the ACE Grant Program is designed to support community-based organizations (CBOs) by providing funding from The GBT Foundation to support certain activities consistent with mission of The GBT Foundation. These CBOs play an important role when it comes to SCD patient care, including, but not limited to, patient empowerment, peer-to-peer education, healthcare navigation for patients and caregivers, and capacity building for partner organizations. U.S.-based nonprofit CBOs dedicated to SCD with 501(c)(3) status are eligible to apply. The 2022 ACE Grant Program is now closed. Please check back in early 2023 for updates.

  • ACCEL: Access to Excellent Care for Sickle Cell Patients Grants — Since 2019, GBT’s ACCEL Grant Program has provided funding to U.S.-based nonprofit healthcare organizations or institutions that serve patients with SCD and their families and seek to improve their access to high-quality healthcare. Over its first three years, in total the ACCEL program funded nearly $1 million to 19 organizations to accelerate the development of sustainable and innovative healthcare-related programs or initiatives.

    The ACCEL program will be awarded to institutions for programs with a focus on patient access to care, transition of care from pediatric to adult, and building of new SCD clinics. Grants will be awarded to organizations seeking to provide innovative and sustainable healthcare solutions that support SCD patients, caregivers and the overall SCD community. U.S.-based nonprofit organizations dedicated to SCD with 501(c)(3) status are eligible to apply. Applications are now being accepted for the 2022 ACCEL Grant Program.