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GBT’s Supported Conferences

Connecting with the community at sickle cell disease conferences

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) Therapeutics Conference

During National Sickle Cell Awareness Month in September, GBT partners with the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA) to host the annual SCD Therapeutics Conference, a forum to discuss the latest advancements and future trends for treating patients with SCD. Conference attendees hear presentations from key opinion leaders, patients, policy makers, healthcare companies and other stakeholders that play an important role in treating SCD. 

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SCD Access to Care Summit

People living with SCD face a myriad of challenges in accessing high-quality care throughout their lifetimes, which has a significant impact on the course of their disease and contributes to the shortened lifespan of these individuals. GBT is proud to support the Access to Care Summit (ATCS), a forum for those involved in the care of SCD patients to exchange ideas to improve the lives of people living with SCD and generate solutions to the challenges with accessing quality care. The Summit also showcases examples of successful innovations implemented across the country to address these issues.

2019 Access to Care Summit (ATCS)

The 2019 ATCS was focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the evolving stakeholder map related to SCD care for providers, insurers, advocates and policy makers. The focus was idea and solution generation to help the SCD community adapt to the evolving access to care landscape on 3 main topics:

  • Addressing the Deficit in Provider Care — increasing expertise among 4 groups of providers: hematologists, advanced care practitioners, emergency room personnel and primary care physicians
  • Navigating the Emerging Complexity of Treatment Coverage — educating health plan providers on the importance of maintaining open access to care and treatments for SCD
  • Power of Effective Advocacy: Advancing Policy — educating and shaping policy to help ensure new treatments are discovered and high-quality healthcare is made available to SCD patients

The 2019 ATCS presentations are available here, and the keynote address presentation is available here. The full summary of the proceedings of the 2019 ATCS is available here.

2018 Access to Care Summit (ATCS)

The 2018 ATCS was focused on identifying and discussing several approaches that have made a meaningful impact on SCD patient care, both locally and regionally, and outlined potential implementation roadmaps for others to utilize in their own communities. These approaches include:

  • Expanding Care Within the Institution — establishing a sickle cell disease clinic and/or day hospital for comprehensive management
  • Utilizing Existing Care Infrastructure — leveraging available institutional capacity by partnering with stakeholders outside the sickle cell disease arena
  • Transitioning Adolescent Care — structuring transition between pediatric and adult care facilities
  • Expanding Care Outside the Institution — building outreach models to extend the range of care into the community and beyond

The 2018 ATCS presentations are available here, and the full summary of the proceedings of the 2018 ATCS is available here.